The history

Office of Academic Resources and Information Technology Rajamangala University of Technology Isan Is an organization that arises from the integration of the former departments of the Rajamangala Institute of Technology Campus in the northeastern region, 2 departments, together, including the Academic Resource Center And computer center Was established in accordance with the announcement of the Ministry of Education on 24 April 2007, by virtue of Section 6 and Section 9, paragraph two of the Rajamangala University of Technology B.E. Information resource services For teaching and research, students, faculty,

staff at Rajamangala University of Technology Isan And the general public By using modern and appropriate information technology in the service

Creating a sustainable learning society

Morality, quality, creativity, learning

Office of Academic Resources and Information Technology Is a great source of learning That supports the production of graduates, practitioners Under international quality standards

1. Providing academic services and information technology to support the mission of the university.
2. Promoting learners’ learning and lifelong learning
3. Support teaching and learning management Integrated by using information technology to develop teaching and learning processes
4. Join to create a local information system to develop local knowledge
5. Good governance and organisational development into a quality organisation

Organizational structure and management structure

Head of Director ‘s Office